28 Dec 2013


We were lucky enough to have landed in HK on the very weekend of the city's biggest music festival. Big up fooooor...CLOCKENFLAP!

Say What?  


What kind of name is that?? 

We still don't quite know how that flop-flappity name came to represent an world famous international music event, but Julian and I decided it had to be checked out. Thank goodness we did because it was the best day ever. 

Beautifully nestled between water and concrete on the West Kowloon waterfront promenade. Here we are listening to a very cool Canadian band called Tegan and Sara.  
kidz stole the mic!
Chillaxing in a beer boom box balloon.
Amazing discovery here! Danish band called Efterklang, giving us all the shivers with their eerie music. 

Penguin and hippo?
Duck and dino?
Parrot and Monsters Inc? 

Until next year, Clockenflap!

27 Dec 2013


Obviously, the thing I was most excited about going to HK was the FOOD. Weeks beforehand I was already dreaming of steamed pork buns, delicate dumplings, spicy soups and exotic savors. How wrong I was...
I won't say it was all bad. We did go to some delicious restaurants and a few of the street food options are entirely edible. But...you can only have so many fishballs and goose guts before you start craving a fresh tomato-mozzarella salad. Or a frozen pizza. 

On our first night in HK, I was so eager to try the most local of local dishes that I  actually asked a chinese woman to order for us. Goose on a bed of thick wet tofu accompanied by a platter of fishballs. Needless to say my colleague was not pleased. Honestly though, we must have gotten tricked because the other tables had much more appetizing food on their plates. 

Despite the nausea felt after our first meal, I still managed to get this pretty good snap of the cook peeking out from his kitchen window. Every cloud has a silver lining... 

After the chinese, we tested some japanese cuisine in this 'Yo Sushi' style cafe. It was a treat. Deep friend anchovies, salmon and tuna sashimi, crispy prawn california rolls... as usual we ate much too much. Thanks boss!

This is an interesting idea...scallop and squid sashimi!

One of my traveling hobbies is to explore foreign supermarkets. This one was quite empty of shoppers, until I reached the noodle aisle. It was like a sale at poundland! Chinese grannies fighting over spicy shrimp cup-noodles....

Fish balls are really rated here

Giant slabs of fish body parts (often heads) and veg covered in shiny plastic. 

tasty snack for the kids 

My tasty snack of choice

Shopping basket full of Hello Kitty marshmallows, various teas, fake money, Hello Kitty chocolate sticks, wasabi peas and beautiful chinese burning paper.  

This was another not so pleasant dining experience. The slimey congee (savoury porridge) and donughts seemed like a great idea at first...

Ines' facial expression sums up the complexity of choosing an enjoyable meal. This restaurant was kind enough to let us know in very big yellow letters that TRAVELLER ARE WELCOME. So kind.

22 Dec 2013


The internship I'm currently doing with designer Charles Kaisin in Brussels has its upsides. 
It also has many downsides (working 24/7 and not earning a penny, cutting 18 thousand squares of fabric in 7 days...etc). But the upsides cannot be ignored. Last month we were called over to Hong Kong to set up 2 exhibitions, one on Charles Kaisin's design work, and the other on Belgian fashion. 
So reluctantly, already missing our belgian winter, we zooomed to the other side of the world. 
A world of infinitely tall buildings, infinitely small people, sweet and sour chicken and MANY dodgy edibles. 

Thank goodness the hongkongese aren't tall. A floor in HK is half the size of a floor in Europe.
Chan. Fred Chan. Local hero? 
The view from my hotel room. Not too shabby! 
Sausage, anyone?
In Hong Kong, so much happens inside seedy looking shopping malls or on top of them. First night on the town, we managed to stalk a knowledgable young banker to this ultimate hot spot. 
You just gotta know! 
Not sure what this ad is trying to sell, but whatever it is, I want it!

21 Aug 2013



It's the end of my stay in the hella marvelous city. Obviously there are too many things I am going to miss but here are a few last remaining photos that sort of sum up the best of Rio de Janeiro. 
Anitta, Brazil's very own Beyonce
Giant Jesus hugz
looking fly 24/7
My parioca gang
Rio de Janeiro = Neverland

13 Aug 2013


Hello Captain! The army boys of Copacabana Fort watching over four young ladies having brunch.
The hipster boys of Zona Sul, all tattooed and mustachioed up.
The loyal bar boy, always ready to serve you a full cup of vodka on the rocks. Deus te abençoe!

And the French boys poppin' bottles coz their so excited to be amongst other french boys.


On our city break to Sao Paulo, we took a stroll through Lina Bo Bardi's Glass House (one of Brazil's most famous modern architects).  Modern and minimalistic, this house is a fusion of  air, light nature and art, right in the heart of busy SP
I guess after a few months in Rio you can get a little tired of spending every single day at the beach. That's why twice a week you can drink, play and get robbed in an entirely different way: That's right, smack bang in the centre of Rio's South Zone lies a huuuuuge horse racing track where you can bet all your pennies on galloping ponies. Tis jolly amusing I assure you. And I won 190 Reals! To the races!
My creepy Italian friend lives in a creepy house on top of a hill. But his swimming pool is eerily beautiful.
Back to the Beach, where beautiful girls comb their hair and muscular men wave flags of victory.

12 Aug 2013


It may not seem like it but I did work during my 6 months in Rio. Here's the relatively pleasant view from Victor Burton's graphic design studio. There in the distance you can perceive the Modern Art Museum, and just behind it...gasp! it's the sugar loaf mountain.
Plus that long chair is bliss to lie on after lunch.


When my bff Alix came to visit, we thought we'd surpass ourselves a little and force our bodies off the beach and up a hill. A very tall hill called the Dois Irmaos (two brothers). Basically the summit of those two spikey lumps:

To get to up there, you need to moto-taxi it to the top of Vidigal, locate a tiny path between the favela houses, climb under a fence and march through the jungle.
About halfway up, there's a spot where you can see all of Rocinha, Rio's biggest favela.
Almost there....from here we have a good view of San Conrado and the Pedra da Gavea, that flat rock at the top of the mountain in the distance. That's where hang gliders and para gliders jump off from.
HALELUJA! Well, that was definitely worth the 45 minute sweat.


Isn't it marvelous to wake up with a cute little bird peering over you, guarding your sleep and whistling a charming morning melody. Except that's not what happened. This dirty mutant pigeon bashed into all the cupboards, squawked like a karaoke star, and of course did a shit on my bed. 

22 Jul 2013


What a lovely beach. And what lovely people soaking up the sun. Isn't it wonderful? 
Just a regular, every day beach scenario... 


Every day, and I mean every single day, this leathery creature takes up her spot at Posto 9, smothers herself in oil and spreads her legs out to the sun - sometimes in this position but most often face down, bum cheeks up. Their bronze gleam is almost too much to handle for her fellow Ipanema sunbathers. Thank god she's decently dressed though. Dental floss bikini is more than acceptable in Rio.


Typical Sunday afternoon in Leblon. Earlier that morning we spotted a whale some 50 meters away from the shore. Just chillin. 
Casual photoshoot at Arpoador. Entertainment is everywhere! Let me give you a little close-up of this splendid red-clad creature.

A slightly different take on the red bathing suit. 
Susanna, Dudu and Daniela looking like mermaids
Copacabana beach from the Fort. You can't tell but we are sitting on a lovely terrace, eating away at my birthday brunch. Could you ask for more?
Sunset at Arpoador. Believe it or not this happens every day.